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Legal Technology Reviews was started by people in the legal technology industry to help others in the legal technology industry. Like many of you, we struggled to find legal software and service providers that met our needs. Until now there was no single source where we could go to find providers when and perhaps most importantly where we needed them. Additionally, it was difficult if not impossible to know before purchasing their services how good a provider might be. So we started Legal Technology Reviews to make finding legal technology software and service providers easy and improve the confidence of the selection process.


The Legal Technology Reviews site helps answer three important questions when trying to find a provider:

Have I found most or all of the available providers?

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Do the providers offer the services where I need them?

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Does the provider offer quality software and/or services?

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Our searchable website contains as many legal technology software and service providers as possible. For each provider, we store their location(s) and the categories of software and services that they provide. Then we allow you and all other users to search for these providers. You can see reviews that others have left about each provider and you can submit your own reviews for a particular provider. If you don’t see a provider that you use, login to submit a review and you will have the option of adding a new provider. If you are a provider and would like to add your company to the list or update any information that is listed on the site, please contact us here.

Reviews are always kept anonymous. Reviewer names will not be shared with any providers or other site users. See our Privacy Policy Here. Our site editors read reviews for appropriateness and will remove any reviews that contain inappropriate language or comments.

We hope that our site makes your job of finding a provider easier

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