The life cycle of digital evidence starts with its creation! This means companies and firms need to understand the entire Electronic Document Record Management process (EDRM). Cyber Security, Forensic, and Electronic Discovery teams traditionally worked independently of one another. Profile Discovery,  along with their seasoned professionals, has understood that these teams need to work together, and often are already utilizing many of the same technologies. Those three are now merging into one process and Profile Discovery is there to assist and advise with the entire process with the following services.

  • Cyber Policy / Incident Response Planning – Example: Employment dispute involving personally owned devices iOS, iPhone, iPad (BYOD) containing former employer data. Is this Cyber Policy, a Cyber Incident, Forensic, or a Legal department concern? The answer is All of the above. Ask us why!
  • Mobile and Network Forensic Collections – Structured data (Microsoft Exchange & Sharepoint) and Endpoint devices at the end of your fingers (keyboard).
  • Electronic Discovery & Cloud Review
  • Paper Discovery Scanning & Copying
  • Document Productions
  • Hybrid Hosted Review Platforms – All you need to do is review! We customize and manage your review platform including backup, security, redundancy, and more.


Our Address:

46 North High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215


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Litigation Support Manager August 2, 2017 7:47 pm

Over all a good company to do business with. Pricing is sometimes a little high.